Short, high intensity workouts with instructional videos

#3 Product of the DayJuly 19, 2015



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Andrew CrookstonMaker@acr · Developer and Entrepenur
I'm one of the makers of Keelo. Would be happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks for hunting!
Michael Lee@mikehlee_ · Product Designer @ Sunrun
really cool, just downloaded the app, going to the gym now :)
Andrew CrookstonMaker@acr · Developer and Entrepenur
@mikehlee_ great! How did it go?
Michael Lee@mikehlee_ · Product Designer @ Sunrun
@acr @mikehlee_ I enjoyed using the app, I had a great workout, will definitely use it again
Brian Billingsley@bbillingsley · CEO-North America, Klarna
I just used the app this morning for my morning workout - took a break from Insanity for something new. I really like the simple list layout, and the simple goal to try and beat the time. I also liked the demo videos to show how to do the moves with the correct form. The only negative - the demonstration videos took a while to load, but I wasn't on wifi so it could have been me. I'll keep using it!
Hoon KimMaker@hoon_k · Cofounder, Throwdown
@bbillingsley thanks! Appreciate the thoughts and feedback. Apologies for the demo videos. We try to keep them as small as possible -- the good news is that once they're downloaded, you won't have to again for the same movement. Let us know how future workouts go!
Nick Coates@gadgick · Founder,
Awesome! Love that it also works with the Apple Watch :]
Andrew CrookstonMaker@acr · Developer and Entrepenur
@nickcoates_ thanks! Yeah I actually do the workouts completely on the watch these days. It'll be even better on the watchos 2 when we can keep the app in front during the workout (like apple's workouts app) and workouts will contribute to your daily goals.
Nick Coates@gadgick · Founder,
@acr I've downloaded the app so going to give it a whirl this afternoon. Looking forward to it as I rarely have time to go to the gym so this is perfect :]
Martin KesslerHiring@kesslerio · Founder & COO of Shape. I ❤️ Hardware.
Nice app and great landing page you got there. Will try to see if I can incorporate it in my weekly workouts. :)
Andrew CrookstonMaker@acr · Developer and Entrepenur
@kesslerio thanks! Sounds good, let me know what you think of the workouts, and any other feedback is appreciated.