Kee Vault

Open Source password manager to secure passwords, simply. πŸ”’

Kee Vault keeps your online accounts safe and saves you time.
βœ… Latest encryption security
βœ… No installation required
βœ… Highly-rated desktop browser extension
Store your passwords, improve their security and never worry about those password reset emails!
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    Open Source, Secure KeePass vaults in the cloud, Free Kee addon for Firefox and Chrome, Offline mode and Mobile app shortcut on the browser


    The mobile phone works with copy/paste, however, it still needs to be improved

    For me, kee has solved the main issues I've had with KeePass: reliable Cloud storage and synchronisation, easy to set up web browser add-on and cross-platform

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  • Pros:Β 

    Uses tried and tested KeePass databases, Open Source development, great browser extension and use simultaneously with local databases.


    Not much, looking forward to mobile developments.

    The combined benefits of KeePass, Kee and the Vault in the cloud provide all the convenience of high availability and not having to worry about backups, with top notch security.

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Aren't password managers the coolest?! No? Maybe it's just me! πŸ€“ I'm Chris and I'm excited to introduce Kee Vault to the community along with a unique discount of up to 50% for Product Hunt users that act fast like a rocket πŸš€ I've been working on password management software for over a decade and tinkering with the idea for Kee Vault for around 5 years but until leaving my previous job at the start of 2018 I've been unable to devote as much time as I'd like to it. I'm delighted that my efforts since then are now coming to fruition and I hope you find the end result an easy way to improve your personal online security. Of course this is only the beginning, hopefully enough people support the project to enable us to employ more people and really speed up development of all the new features and ideas I already have to make the service even better! I'm looking forward to reading your feedback below. πŸ™ πŸ”₯ Special offer details πŸ”₯ Click through to the Kee Vault app (website) from this page to claim your discount. Early birds get a massive 50% off, making the cost for an entire year only Β£10. After that, the discount gradually reduces throughout the day so you'll have to be quick to get the best deal! (We do also offer a monthly subscription for Β£2 per month if you prefer but this price is already too low to qualify for the discount).
@luckyrat Ready to pay up but cannot get discount to apply after following your instructions. I get this after using ProductHunt link: "We will apply an exclusive discount of 50% to your yearly subscription." But payment details still show Β£20. What am I doing wrong?
@james_wolfe I'll look into this and discuss privately with you shortly then we can update everyone publicly if we learn something that might help everyone else :-)
@luckyrat This worked ... πŸ› ❓ If Kee Vault closes immediately when you click on the Product Hunt link, you can use the "Reopen closed tab" feature in your browser. For example Ctrl-Shift-T on your keyboard. ................................... But discount is 35%.
Can I import my LastPass passwords?
@tommigun Yes, we even offer a more secure transfer than other password managers with no need for you to export your LastPass data to a file. You can follow the instructions when you sign up or see for instructions if you've already registered.
Gonna try it out now. Before I store important passwords in it, can you tell me if the passwords stored locally or on your server?
@kate_pearson Passwords are stored locally into a data store protected with the best encryption (AES-256). This protected chunk of data is then stored on Kee Vault servers, ready for delivery back to you when you next sign in to your Kee Vault, potentially on a different device. You can be sure that only securely encrypted data leaves your machine because it's Open Source.
@luckyrat Why does Open Source mean everything is securely encrypted?
@kate_pearson Open Source means that we can't do anything evil (or even just accidentally insecure) without someone seeing what we're up to. That's in contrast to closed source password managers that require you to trust the company to always do what they say they will do. Sometimes these closed source services claim that someone has "security audited" them - typically these audits are (at best) valid at a specific point in time and there is little to prevent malicious or accidental security holes being introduced the rest of the time. With open source, there is no way for us to hide the truth about security bugs and breaches - closed source services have the ability (and some incentives?) to not "own up" to all failures. So, while we could theoretically release Open Source code that does not securely encrypt your passwords before they leave your machine, it won't take very long for someone to call us out! The Kee Vault source code has effectively been public in various forms for between 3 months and 3 years and I've personally been working on this kind of stuff for over 10 years and take pride in being open and transparent so I hope this provides some reassurance.
@kate_pearson @luckyrat TBF, open-source only means that we have the ability to smack you if you do something bad/evil. However, the onus is on us to do a proper audit to see that you have done something not-nice. But kudos on you for giving us the option. Have you ever considered offering security audits as a service?
@kate_pearson @hasan_diwan No, I don't think so. Sounds interesting though. What do you see a "security audits as a service" offer looking like?
I dunno. Looks pretty but not sure I want all my eggs in one basket? What happens if I can't login one day???
@jonbride I am taking manual backups to my laptop now and then as a 'just in case' fail safe measure for now.
@jonbride When disconnected or somewhere with poor network reliability, most online password managers stop working. With Kee Vault you can still access your passwords and other credentials (such as that long cryptic WiFi code to get reconnected!). The same applies if the Kee Vault service is broken when you need to sign in. We'll be aiming for 100% availability but everything on the internet suffers down-time eventually and Kee Vault's unique design means that when this happens you can still sign in to get your passwords. If you're worried about forgetting your Kee Vault password, it's true that if this happens you've lost everything but it is very easy to create a secure passphrase that you can remember completely reliably. If passphrases are a new idea to you, there's lots more information at Does that answer your question?
How does this compare against Bitwarden (
@ben_joseph2 I'm not too familiar with that software because it's pretty new but I've taken a quick look now. I guess compared to it, Kee Vault is based on the long-established secure KeePass data structure, with the added benefits of more secure password hashing (Argon2), the ability to write and sync offline changes, requires no installation on any modern device, maybe more, I'd have to spend more time investigating it when the excitement from our launch day has died down. Frankly, there are hundreds of other password management apps out there so I'm not going to be able to create completely accurate comparisons for them all but I hope that a list of some of the rarer benefits we offer will be helpful to you. Kee Vault... * Requires no installation (so you can get to your passwords anywhere without additional setup) * Works cross-platform * Uses the established and thoroughly security-reviewed KeePass storage format (so exporting is secure and older/rarer devices can still be used to a degree) * Can be edited offline * Uses the latest key stretching standards for improved security * Automatically boosts protection for users that select weak master passwords I'm sure many alternatives will offer one or more of these benefits but not all. It's also worth noting that the desktop browser extension Kee - which complements Kee Vault - provides auto-fill and password saving features right from the website you're using, and does so as the highest rated extension of its type on Firefox for almost 10 years. Naturally, if this project is as successful as I hope, many further improvements to both Kee and Kee Vault will be rolled out in the coming months and years. Let me know if you have any further questions.