Candles made better

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I'm used to spending upwards of $60 on my favorite candle, so getting a decent candle with hipster-certified scents for ~$25 seems like a deal.
@chrismessina thanks for the kind words!
@chrismessina Thanks for sharing. This is awesome! I'm allergic to a lot of the things in commercial candles so this will have cost and health benefits.
I'm sure some people will think "it's just a candle", but that's exactly what the direct-to-consumer movement is all about. Honest essentials at a good price need to come to every part of life.
Woohoo! Great to see y'all here, @stephentracy and @harrydll! Two former Googlers building some awesome product. Also nice shoutout from @sorayadarabi ( and Curbed (
@pe_feeds thanks Sumeet :)
Can't wait to smell these guys (the candles, not the dudes!)