A programmable keyboard for Android

kboard is a custom Keyboard for Android that lets you send words, phrases, a set of commands or even text from the Internet - in a single click!

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kboard started off a a simple idea - a keyboard that just lets you send "K." as a response. It has since grown (kind of accidentally) to be a powerful, customisable productivity tool that can be used alongside your regular keyboard. Each key is customisable, and can be either text or a set of commands to execute. It can now even get some data from the internet and send it as a message - all in one tap of a key! In fact, I've been creating my own HTTP endpoints on Glitch - meaning that I can add functionality to the keyboard without doing any app release. Examples of uses are: * storing repetitive messages (e.g. happy birthday) * easy access to things like emoji or ಠ_ಠ * retrieve and send an answer from Wolfram Alpha * convert a song title to a Youtube video * convert search terms into site-specific searches. More examples of use (and a list of available commands) on the wiki - https://github.com/adgad/kboard/... I would love to hear about any other ideas people have that I haven't thought of!
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nice. i will finally have good kboard without annoying emojis
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Martin MommenI am me and who I am is a singing dad
It helps my alotit is a exelnt prodact