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Plugin for creating TOC, LMS, Wiki like SEO friendly sites.

If you are one those who loves posting content in an organized manner then this is the perfect plugin for you. It consists couple of small widgets required to create a simple wiki like knowledge base site, a series of posts, simple LMS or table of content.
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Currently it includes 2 widgets and counting. It will surely give you a SEO boost. Fundamentally It is a drag and drop plugin and depends upon Elementor Page Builder. 1. TOC Headings. Creates a nice table of content for heading tags customizable by Elementor Page Builder 2. TOC Posts. Creates a table of content of posts grouped by their respective categories / terms / taxonomies. It also provides the facility to create and reorder posts and terms from both frontend and backend. 3. Reading meter, Post widget, rating widget are all the necessary widgets required for a blogger and for SEO boost is my future plan to include in it. https://github.com/dbjpanda/kb-e... https://dbjpanda.me/apps/tocpack This is my first Wordpress plugin and as of now It has gained more than 150 downloads and 30 active installations in a few weeks. I am sure you will love it. It is completely open source. Feel free to do some contribution if you are a developer or show some love.