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Travel search is now literally at your fingertips

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It's totally going to be a war between Facebook Messenger and Slack for dominant appbot distribution.
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@chrismessina not the same war. Slack will win B2B, Messenger B2C (mostly)
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@ourielohayon @chrismessina But it's far easier to move from B2B to B2C. I've used slack to chat with friends. It will dominate if it can find a way to manage signal/noise. Some slack channels are simply too overwhelming unless you're a top 20%er
@ourielohayon you're right — and each platform will of course have its own top tier partners/appbots. That said, there will be an interesting overlap in the middle — apps that are both B2B and B2C, and that's where the battle will really be fought.
@chrismessina or perhaps intelligent keyboards !
I'm still struggling a little to see why this interface is better for me to search for flights than the Kayak app directly. Just took me about 5 minutes of typing away to get an inadequate answer. Whereas with the mobile or web app I can do it much faster with better results.
@chrismessina I agree with @ourielohayon but it provides amazing platform for bot distribution for us. Considering I run a travel concierge service / bots on multiple platforms they provide us a perfect playground to test our new features. Also with Kayak now on this route will be interesting to see how others will react. Just adds more value to our business case for the moment :-)
@chrismessina it's interesting to see Kayak follow suit after @tripnary released the first flight search Slack bot a few weeks ago. The @tripnary does what Kayak does and also gives you a lot more flexibility including searching for destinations based on your budget. We see many people searching for flights privately (for leisure I suppose) by sending messages to the slackbot user. I guess there is some notion of B2C inside Slack as well.