Katt. App

The #1 shop for cat lovers 😻

Katt. is a curated online concept store featuring feline inspired items, that also functions as a unique platform for designers and illustrators. Now available as an iOS and Android app!

We introduce our customers to exclusive collaborations from some of the most relevant independent artists and creatives from all over the world.

Our goal is to create an online community for our favourite feline loving artists, illustrators and designers - known and unknown. The emphasis on collaboration and connecting artists to not only each other, but to a growing audience as well.

For our artists and designers, it is an unbridled platform for expression. For everyone else, it’s a place to engage with a rapidly expanding creative cat culture in one place.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I wish I thought of this. I've always wanted to start my own Shopify/ecommerce store. 😸
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mattias.I'm sorry, the card says 'Moops'.
Now, I love Katt, but I quietly wonder how many times it's gonna be featured on ProductHunt...?
Bregt Colpaert
Product guy @abloworld Maker @katt_co
@mattiasd_ with our new apps, I just couldn't resist - but I get you ☺️
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mattias.I'm sorry, the card says 'Moops'.
@bregt I can't say I'm against repeated postings of awesome stuff ;)
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