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Hey everyone, Katha has been out for just over a week now, and we're super happy to be on PH! We started Katha with the intention of rethinking Podcasting & Audio Messaging, and what we've done is hit a happy middle-ground between the two. Katha lets you record short Podcasts of up to 5 minutes which you can post up for your whole subscriber base to listen to, or you can send them directly to one person or a group you select. So doing a Podcast would literally only take as long as you take to record it, and anyone can do it! Looking forward to hearing what the PH community thinks and answering any questions you guys might have! You can also reach me at mahen@katha.audio and @dumahen on Twitter!
@dumahen Hi Mahen, any ETA for the app to be available here in New Zealand?
@san_picciarelli Hey there, we're actually working on the next version of Katha right now which is called ShortKast. You can join our beta at beta.shortkast.com. It'll be available to you from day 1 when we launch!
@dumahen That's great to hear mate. Cheers for the prompt response. All the best of luck with the new project. Looking forward to checking it out.
@san_picciarelli Thanks dude! You'll probably see it on here at some point too..
@katha @dumahen Link not working, Playstore link broken
How do you imagine success here? For me, Audio Notes are fine as they are and I don't need another app for that. There are a lot of Q and A sites out there to get an abundance of information from experts. How do yours differ and how do you choose them/ensure the quality? How do you feel about ZCast launching today trying to disrupt the podcasting scene?
@bentossell Success would be lots of great content! We've already got a few who are putting out some great, funny and insightful content. The Q&A feature is something we feel that comes naturally on a voice app (you know who you're talking to when you hear their voice) and they also don't need to give their expertise out for free! On ZCast, first of all we're happy that there's more interest coming up in podcasting and audio which is something we feel there's a lack of. But they're inherently a live broadcasting app. I'd say they're the Periscope to our Youtube.
I really don't like the name. "Katha" reminds me of sermons and religious bantering. Which is probably where they got the name from.
@jsinghdreams Hey Jaydeep, Katha is Sanskrit for "speech, narration, story, fable", and it means "talk" where I come from. So we think it's fitting.
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@dumahen I like it. I tried to verify my channel and receive an error message?
@greaterthan1000 Thanks Sam! Sorry about the error, will look in to it. Just listened to your first VoiceCast and i've gone ahead and verified and featured you!