iOS app to test any REST service



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Sjoerd JanssenMaker@sjoerdjanssenen · Backend developer
Hi fellow hunters, My name is Sjoerd Janssen and I’ve been experimenting with my development work using iOS (iPad Pro). Although I really loved the freedom and movability, I felt there were some coding essentials missing from the platform. A little while ago I introduced Kameleon, which is a color palette picker for iOS which makes it easier to work with designers. I was pleased to find out that it made a lot of people happy. Today I am introducing Kat, an API-check app that lets you interact with any REST API. Kat is designed to work on iOS 9 and 10, so you too can have the freedom of developing on the iOS platform. Kat is the second app of the Developer pets’ collection, and can be purchased together with a discount. I would love to hear your thoughts about Kat, and if there are any pets that you are still missing on iOS! While Kat isn't perfect, I want to continue development with users, so I can make it the best tool for them. I’m looking for a ton of feedback from developers to make sure that it provides the most value for them. Kat should serve you as a developer, not make your life harder. So any feedback is greatly appreciated! (v1.1 with a history of your requests and a settings page is already in beta and almost ready for a launch)
Jonathan Lee@jonathan_lee1
@sjoerdjanssenen maybe it will be better to integrate with HTTP capture app like Surge
Egid van Houtem@egidvanhoutem · Techdandy Digital Innovator
Hi Sjoerd, KAT is a really great app. I like the tableview with JSON. Would love it if cells could collapse. Gonna test it some more! Keep it up.
Sjoerd JanssenMaker@sjoerdjanssenen · Backend developer
@egidvanhoutem Thanks for your feedback. Collapsable cells is actually something that I'm aiming to fix in v1.1 of Kat.
Damian Esteban@estebanrules · CTO @ betterPT
I love this idea. Perfect for when you're in the go and you need to test something out quickly. Excellent.
Sjoerd JanssenMaker@sjoerdjanssenen · Backend developer
Ingo Radatz@llabball · CTO, R&D at HSH / Berlin, Germany
x-callback-url support would make a big difference to enable Kat for the automation space - also Postman import would be cool, so I haven't to write the same definition twice
Sjoerd JanssenMaker@sjoerdjanssenen · Backend developer
@llabball Those are some great ideas! I will definitely look into both of those. Thanks. :)
Useful app! Congrats! It would be nice if the urls we test would be saved and/or favourited for a better productivity and be one tap away.
Sjoerd JanssenMaker@sjoerdjanssenen · Backend developer
@leocardz Thanks lot! That is actually one of the features that I'm working on for v1.1.