A teams collaboration app for the mobile video age.

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Kast is the first free mobile video app designed to provide businesses with more immediate and interactive team communication, productivity and collaboration. Secure and simple-to-use, Kast goes beyond traditional corporate communications tools like email, text and chat, allowing users to bring the rich, engaging benefits of audio and video posts directly to select teams and channels, both at the office and on the go.
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Love the Idea. I'm using Kast at my company and the engagement is high, specially in the sales team.
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Hello Guys, first of all congratulations. I was a beta tester and really enjoyed the speed of sending videos to my team only. Its fast and segmented. How do you guys see Slack competition as it is a solid communication platform for teams?
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@amurepinho Hello Amure! First, thank you for testing Kast with your team, your usage has definitely helped us to build a better product :) We do not see Slack as our competitor. We are targeted on rapid, facilitated and high engagement communication through audio and video. Our product is focused on micro-learning, training and fast information sharing between sales teams. We actually have integration with Slack in our product roadmap.
Great to see Kast here! I'm using since launched and my team is loving! Congrats!!
My suggestion is if possible Kast develop an connection between Zapier or direct with Trello, just to unify the communications between the teams. This will be awesome!