Buy & sell your pre-owned lifestyle stuff

What would encourage people to use this over products out there at the moment? Gumtree, Ebay, Craigslist, Shpock etc etc - There are loads of them.
@bentossell Hi Ben.. The thought with Karosell is to first make people realize that they can sell things like accessories, watches, handbags, books, sports item, dumbbells etc. And then show them an avenue to do that i.e Karosell. Now in terms of Customer Value we offer: 1. Verified & well defined products. 2. Social selling- People sell to people they know. 3. Review driven platform. 4. Payments & shipping. Currently our focusing on India market where there is no clear market leader in this space. We are also figuring out ways that will help us add a local flavor that give us an edge. I would say we are in a learning stage and your question made me think how we can encourage people to use it globally. This is something we are working on.
@anshul7000 Yeah I think you have tough competition globally as people can already do those things on similar. Maybe while focusing on India you will find some room for innovtion
@bentossell Yes Ben I think there are more challenges in India in terms of reusability of goods which gives us a good opportunity. And yeah I also think India would be large enough market to cater too.
@anshul7000 @bentossell Where does the need to sell to people you know come from? Doesn't that limit the user's reach?
@johnrwhaley @bentossell Hey John.. As per human behavior when we happen to meet/chat a stranger & somehow find a common connect (a mutual friend) there is a mental shift that happens. Maybe some amount of trust is developed or depending upon the mutual connect. Similarly our social selling feature will help build a trust factor between the seller and buyer who are complete strangers. They can know if they have any mutual friends. This increased trust factor will also help in more conversions.
Hey Guys.. Hemant here. I was hoping to get some feedback on this new platform we are working on called KaroSell. Our mission is to help people reuse their lifestyle products. There are lot of unused, new, unopened stuff we have which just lie in our closets. We want people to take them out. Karosell provides a social platform where you buy and sell from people you know with a simple chat. Do lets us know your feedback. Happy Trading!
@anshul7000 How do you compare/compete with Wallapop ?
@d3f3nd0r Hi Suman.. We are working towards providing verified products with shipping & payments. That will be the major differentiator for now. Also our focus is India market where we are adding local flavor that will give us an edge.
Wasn't this a Paytm product? i remember signing up for this about an year back.
@namansr Not sure Naman. This is our registered name. But this nice to know :).
@namansr Can't open from here. I think they did it for short period.
Hey Guys.. Anshul here Founder for Karosell. I am really counting on the feedback from Product Hunt Community on Karosell. The more questions we are asked, more the learning for us. Our Mission: Karosell's mission is to make people understand that it is important & good to reuse. We are living in a society where we follow "Use & Throw" rather then "Use, Reuse, Recycle". We want to change that. We face two challenges here: Firstly, making people realize that they can sell things like books, watches, accessories, handbags, shoes & other lifestyle stuff that has ben lying in there closet. And secondly providing them a very easy and simple way to do it. We want to build a powerful recommendation & review driven community. Karosell is a social platform where you can sell your lifestyle products only (bags, sunglasses, books, branded clothes, accessories, jewelry, sports item & more). There are cool features like: - Selling to people you know. - The simple chat feature to bargain and buy - Create a look with your friends and sell it. For example you can create a sassy evening date look- nice top, a cute necklace, high heels with a matching footware and sell it as a whole. - And yes you can have your own campus (alma mater) marketplace. We want to make Karosell a fun and exciting place for you. So please give us your feedback and help us. Thanks for investing your time. Looking forward to hear from all of you. Anshul @anshul7000