∞ 10,000 coolest, most beautiful emoji in the Universe. ∞

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Hey everyone! My name is Nate Mega. I am Founder & CEO of Karma App Studio. Kindly please let me know what you think of Karmamoji and make sure to see the Karmamoji landing page as well for full details. www.karmamoji.space Also, be sure to check out the main umbrella site for Karma App Studio. www.karma.space PARADIGM SHIFT FOR MODERN DAY DIGITAL HIEROGLYPHICS Welcome emoji fans, lovers, and aficionados! Karmamoji is a truly groundbreaking, revolutionary + beautifully designed emoji app. The 10,000 coolest, sleekest, and most unique emoji in the Universe. There are no other emoji apps like Karmamoji, not even close. A tremendous amount of time and energy went into the making of Karmamoji and it was all made with love, for you. Knowing full well how much people love emoji, but were simply not satisfied with all of the sub-mediocre emoji options available today, we decided to rewrite the rules of emoji all together and take emoji into the upper stratosphere. It's no secret that people take great joy, humor, and satisfaction with a good emoji texting session. And to think of the bazillions of people all over the Universe sending endless, awesome Karmamoji to all their friends, family, and loved ones; whereby exponentially augmenting their emoji experience, simply puts a smile on our faces. Sharing the love. This is what drives us. STUNNING, FRESH DESIGNS ∞ BASE PACK + 5 BOOSTER PACKS + ALL 10,000 BUNDLE PACK Karmamoji is the coolest, most innovative emoji app in the Universe. Each and every Karmamoji has been meticulously designed, refined, and crafted with precision for all of your emoji sending needs. The truth is, nowadays, emoji are simply a part of life and will remain part of everyday life into the foreseeable future, actually even more so into the future. Emoji are modern day hieroglyphics. And that is not going to change anytime soon. In fact, emoji usage is exploding across the Universe as texting has become one of the primary and de facto means of communication. Mixing words and emoji together when texting is truly an art form unto itself. And the fact remains: the standard emoji just don't cut it anymore! In fact, they are tired, played out, and less than spectacular design wise. People of this Universe demand better emoji! ∞ Karmamoji will help you bring your emoji A-game, as well as maximize and optimize your texting time. ∞ Karmamoji is a free download and we give you 25 awesome Karmamoji for free! ∞ Karmamoji will augment your emoji and texting skills, as you will now be armed with access to +10,000 completely fresh, luxe, and beautifully designed emoji. ∞ iOS 10.0+ and Android Nougat 7.0+ compatible. ∞ The Base Back has a variety of +5,000 Karmamoji, a blend from from all 8 categories. ∞ There are 8 categories: Emoticons, Animals, Space, Nature, Food & Drink, Places, Miscellaneous, and International Flags. ∞ Each of the 5 Booster Packs adds a perfect mix of +1,000 awesome Karmamoji from all 8 categories to your emoji arsenal. ∞ Add even more firepower to your Karmamoji keyboard for maximum variety and dynamic quantity, up to +10,000 Karmamoji total. ∞ Go ultimate! Download the Bundle Pack to get all +10,000 Karmamoji at the same time (save 28% vs. buying the Base Pack and all 5 Booster Packs) ∞ Sending the perfect Karmamoji in any situation while making your friends, family, and loved ones smile and laugh hysterically. That's Karma.