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Roman Pramberger
Roman PrambergerMaker@talkb1nary · Dev
Karmalert sends you mention alerts from Reddit, Twitter, Product Hunt & Hacker News via Email, Slack & Webhook. Monitor our all time favorite networks for mentions and never be late when someone needs your help with your product or just wants to give you awesome feedback. Since creating this tool i was able to learn a lot about where and how my users talk about my products. I hope i can provide this eye opening experience for some of you too! --- Feedback & Ideas are always welcome :)
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@talkb1nary I want this for myself and in bot form.
Roman Pramberger
Roman PrambergerMaker@talkb1nary · Dev
@chrismessina give it a bot interface. noted :) interesting idea actually. kudos
Ivan Lucansky
Ivan Lucansky@ivanlucansky · Marketing
Hi @talkb1nary Nice idea. I tried Karmalert, liked it but to be honest i am also a little bit disappointed. I want to try free plan for test - 2 phrases are extremely low count. And I didn't find out how can i change phrases (I only disabled them but i can't make another phrase) I can't delete my account, which is bad for credibility. CTA button on HP is "Get started for free" - but after click is pre-defined plan for Agency for 29 $ A little tricky ;)
Roman Pramberger
Roman PrambergerMaker@talkb1nary · Dev
@ivanlucansky Hey, thank you for the feedback! I saw the error with the account did'nt get removed. I will look into this later. If you give me a explicit "ok" i also can remove you manually. Usually it should work or give a explizit error why not. If you look for alternatives you see that most of them do not offer a free plan at all. Thats because this is rather heavy on the server usage. Being able to disable currently unused ones, and the ability the change the phrase of the dataset would allow to exploit it for "unlimited free" use what i really want to avoid. I see that i could create this a bit better tho. That my CTA does this is really not nice. Will fix asap :)
Bahaa Galal
Bahaa Galal@bahaagalal · CTO & Co-Founder of Crowd Analyzer
@ivanlucansky @talkb1nary You could try notify.ly :) It covers same social networks and more. The free plan is unlimited keywords and 50,000 mentions per month. The free plan covers Twitter, Reddit, Product Hunt, HackerNews & Tumblr. The Premium Plan (Which is now free during beta) Covers Instagram, YouTube & google+. You can receive notifications either on Slack or HipChat. Also more sources are coming around the end of year. Let me know if you have any questions.
Roman Pramberger
Roman PrambergerMaker@talkb1nary · Dev
@bahaagalal I was not aware of notifyly when i created this. Looks like a more polished solutions actually. Nice to see they came to the same conclusion of available networks, i passed on Tumblr tho. The premium ones are those who also need way more resources and authentification which i also tried to avoid (until i added Twitter). Really interesting. I may should include that notifications are actually unlimited, just the dashboard limits them. I havent thought about that this could be confusing :)
Perttu Talasniemi
Perttu Talasniemi@imakesoft · Editor of AppleVsGoogle.com 🍏❤️ 🤖
Looks very interesting. 😀
Chris Short
Chris Short@chrisshort · DevOps, Sarcasm as a Service™
I can't wait to see what this can do.