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KarmaCircles is a peer-to-peer mentoring, networking and skill building platform where members of a community (universities, alumni associations, corporates, co-working spaces etc.) can give and receive free help. One can search among group members, ask queries, schedule time with each other, and publicly thank each other for their time and help.

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@deepakg who are the experts that you've got on the site so far? what sort of groups do they fit into? what sort of things can i get advice on?
@_jacksmith Several kinds of advice is being sought on KarmaCircles. Entrepreneurs are using KC to get free feedback from startup advisors on their pitch decks, B-school students are connecting with their alumni to learn more about their career path and advice on how to follow in their footsteps, Job searchers are connecting with people in a particular geography to learn more about the relevant recruitment strategy for that location, MBA applicants are using it to get advice/feedback on their applications from MBA students/alums, People are connecting with lawyers to get legal advice, etc etc
@_jacksmith Our experts are startup advisors, mentors, angel investors, alums & students of top business schools, CXOs, VPs, etc.
Interesting. I'm going to give it a go.
@adnandawood Thanks Adnan. Please download the KarmaCircles app on your phone. The app experience is much more superior.
This has to be industry specific. I'd rather be put in front of 10 experts in a specific niche than 400 "generalists" Great advice comes from a deep understanding of the problem. A great example is someone like Ray Kurzweil. I could listen to him all day on electrical engineering and computer science concepts, but the moment he speaks about anti-aging or anything with biological concepts, his credence disappears. Gauging expertise is hard, you really want to go after the people who can have verbal bulimia about a subject and as well speak with grit and passion in their teeth about it.
@datarade Kumar, Thanks for asking the question. Really appreciate it. I agree with your entire comment. On KarmaCircles, you can view everyone's Linkedin profile along with the activity that they have done on KarmaCircles. Credibility comes from the person's LinkedIn profile and "the probability of getting help" can be gauged by the person's activity on the KC platform. To get advice, you need both - credentials as well as willingness to help. KC profile gives you both.
Looks interesting. I'll check it out. I'm a huge fan of the power of LinkedIn, so I'll be interested to see how KarmaCircles can help.
@robbieab Thanks Robbie. KarmaCircles is a layer on top of Linkedin. Using KC, you can find out how helpful a person is, request for help/advice from them and then it allows you to schedule a meeting with them (via phone/skype/google/in-person). The only expectation is that you will write a thank you note for the person who helped you. Esentially, KarmaGiver does good karma by helping the KarmaReceiver and KarmaReceiver enhances the reputation of the KarmaGiver by publicly thanking them.
Thank you all for your queries and comments!