Karmabot for Telegram

Free bot for tracking performance in chats

Free bot for Telegram for tracking performance in chats. Karma encourages to work better, deliver faster, it improves performance and maximises efficiency. Available for Slack, MS Teams and Telegram.

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Stas Kulesh
Creative Director @ Karmabot.chat
*How it works* 1. Add @nanokarmabot to your team. > /invite @nanokarmabot http://t.me/nanokarmabot 2. Authorise using you Telegram login. https://ph-files.imgix.net/6a307... 3. Choose the language, make a new group, set the group name. (English and Russian are supported, make requests for more) 4. You're all set, start awarding users with karma. *Short karma request* > @user ++ *Full karma request* > @user ++ comment #hashtag Comment  – description of the reason for the karma request. #hashtag –  tags karma requests. Could be a name of the project, category etc. *To give a few karma points* > @user N++ comment #hashtag N – number of karma points Same format goes for karma deductions. > @user -- comment #hashtag or > @user N-- comment #hashtag *Bot slash commands* /top – leaderboard. /help  –  list of commands. /dash – would show a link to a dashboard. The bot is free and all the feedback is the most welcomed. We love to build things that work well for _you_.
oulu mewhat is
I like this logo
Kirsten LambertsenEngineer, Founder - Xapnik
I had no idea this could work for Telegram. How cool! What's the next integration ;-) ?
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Luuk HarlemanArt Of Golf
This is interesting, do you need to give people karma manually though?
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