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Hey PH! Try this one out on your phone for the best experience. You can navigate to subreddits through the menu or by appending the subreddit name to the end of the url: http://www.karmaswipe.com/gifs
I love using this. I can't believe there isn't yet a mobile-only Reddit-killer that uses swipes for up/down votes.
@gkoberger Reddit's working on a mobile app. @alexisohanian teased it on Product Hunt Radio #14. In the meantime, check out Nahrwal by @rickharrison.
@rrhoover I use Alien Blue now, which is great. I like the Tinder-style swiping; makes it easy to just flick through a ton of things while wasting time on the bus or something. (Although bandwidth.. that's a lot of bandwidth.)
@gkoberger As of now it pulls in 5 pieces of content at a time and then refreshes on the 4th swipe, pulling in a new stack.
This is great. Any plans for a native app?
Yes, planning on porting it over to iOS and Android soon.
Awesome idea! 1. First thought - wait, is left or right upvoting? It's nice that Tinder give s me little reminder icons. 2. Wait - how can I up/downvote without even being logged in?