Karma helps you track your habits from the browser. Use-cases:

🏃Track your offline habits from the new page tab [Gym, Reading]

🔗Track your online habits from URL automatically

💸100% Free as long as you stick to your habits, pay only if you delete habits.

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Hey Product Hunt, Thank you @jijosunny for hunting us. We are the makers of Karma We are Indian students pursuing Engineering. This is something we made recently. The Problem? Being a student we had procrastination in our veins. Whether it be for study or maybe for jogging. We used to decide on something and then just procrastinate it telling ourselves that it is fine not doing it today, we can maybe compensate it tomorrow, but like always that tomorrow never came. So recently I got inspired from the Github heat map. Just because from last four days I was having a green mark on the map so I commited on the fifth day itself, which maybe the other way I would have not and enjoyed a stayed in my cozy blanket. Karma can record both online and offline activities. 1. Toggle between habits easily: Click done whenever you accomplished your target/habit. 2. Pay to delete: Add as many habits you want to pursue for free, just pay when you want to get rid of seeing the things you never did. 3. Track your online habits easily: You can add an URL of website you want to track, and can find how much you are addicted to social media or maybe how many days you explored Product Hunt with your morning coffee. We do this by looking into your chrome browser history, it’s only kept for past three months. None of your data is send anywhere so you don’t need to worry about privacy. 4. Track offline habits: Just add the name of the habit you want to track in the create task option in the settings. Just press done every time you do the habit, and yeah you are good to see your everyday little progress towards your task/habit. 5. Toggle between day and month view: You can toggle and see the tasks in daily or hourly basis. This may help to expose the morning ritual you perform 1 hour daily to scroll through social media. Since its paid, we wanted to share with you guys Coupon Code GZEUS-586 for 3$ and GZEUS-245 for 9$ for the product. Looking forward for suggestions and reviews :D
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"If we make mistakes we end up paying for them." Pay to erase. ❤️that business model
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@jovisjoseph Thank you Jovis, We got inspired by @levelsio after reading his book for the buisness model after making the product we were confused were to take it. Please use Coupon Code GZEUS-586 for 3$ version and GZEUS-245 for 9$ version of the product. It\s free for PH people always xD
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It's a pretty useful and minimal tool ❤️.
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@vishal_pani1 Thank you, glad you liked it.
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GitHub users are gonna love it! Simple one. Can I set custom background image?
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@gijo_varghese glad that you liked it! Presently we are having feature of random image and plane white background. There is a small circle icon on the top left corner, by clicking on it the background can be changed to white. We will be adding the custom image option shortly.
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@agrawalananyaa @gijo_varghese Please do share more feature requests. we will try to implement them as soon as possible. We will be adding Custom Backgrounds, Trianglify background and gradient based soon.
OH DANG! This is really cool omg and plus pay to delete 😮
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@mendorshikh Thank you MJ Amartaivan. Glad you liked and appreciated it.