Karma by Aleph

Place for entrepreneurs to help each other (wait list)

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Waiting list? After one goes through complete signup? That sure isn't a great experience!
@rahulvarshneya Agreed. The process of downloading, signing up, agreeing to terms and even sharing a phone number to then be put on a waitlist is quite odd.
@srcasm @rahulvarshneya Really odd sign up process. Even once you submit, it just leaves you on the enter email and phone number screen...
Rahul and Jesse - the reversal of the sign up process is actually already in development to solve that. Thanks for pointing it out.
@mikeeisenberg Hey Mike! can you chat a bit about what you're trying to achieve here? how does this compare to other similar services?
how's this different to Jelly?
Why karma? There are dozens of other startups/companies with the same name.