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#4 Product of the DayDecember 02, 2013
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Nir Eyal
Nir EyalHunter@nireyal · Author of "Hooked" blog at NirAndFar.com
I love this little wifi hub. I never have to pay a monthly fee because you get more bandwidth every time someone signs up using your connection. It's also a much faster connection than tethering.
Zack Shapiro
Zack Shapiro@zackshapiro · Building something new. brb.
Worth the $? I was hoping this would take off more than it seems that has. I don't think people understand their main value prop. I'm not sure I do entierely
Nick O'Neill
Nick O'Neill@allnick · Maker & Marketer
So it doesn't eat into my bandwidth?
Andrei M. Marinescu
Andrei M. Marinescu@malaparte · growth+marketing at Albert
@allnick users who share your hotspot get their own free 100MB (they can purchase more, if they need it). @ZackShapiro agree that Karma's positioning needs fine-tuning. The main value props are 1) data plans are pay-as-you-go, 2) your data never expires, and 3) you get free data (100MB) when you share your hotspot with others (people who connect via your hotspot also get 100MB free). RE: is it worth it, depends on the user and the need. One compelling use case: WiFi-only iPad + Karma. Disclosure: I'm currently assisting the Karma team on several projects.
Steven Lam
Steven Lam@slamboogie88 · Digital Asset Manager / Content Producer
Love this product and it is still one of my must have item everyday. No monthly fee to pay which is great. Just buy the data that you need and reload when you want vs on a monthly subscription basis. This is a must have for any traveler on the go. Device works flawlessly. Nice touch of the social aspect of Karma: you get free data (100MB) when you share your hotspot with others (people who connect via your hotspot also get 100MB free). Note: the WiFi network for others to use is not your own Karma WiFi network. They use a separate Karma WiFi guest network from your hub. Only drawback if you're sharing with others is the battery power will get depleted a bit quicker but thats not an issue if you have it fully charged or keept it connected to your laptop usb for continuous charging.