Karl Weather

A beautiful SF microclimate weather app for iOS

Visualize the weather in San Francisco’s many microclimates with this app. View the current temperatures on a beautiful heatmap and swipe across the screen to view forecasted temperatures for the next 24 hours. Tap any neighborhood to view detailed weather information. Includes weather data from Weather Underground and Propeller Health.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunt, we're big fans of Mr. Chilly for iOS, but were frustrated by its lack of updates and limited features, so we made Karl! Happy to answer any questions and, as always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
Add the East Bay?!
@tom_pryor We've been deciding how we want to do this. Do you think a separate app for the East Bay makes sense? We're planning on releasing Karl for several major cities.
@tom_pryor @atchase1 Maybe a pan view? pull over and snap back? Zoom out option? Super Mario 3 style just-out-of-view map? :)
@boursier Great ideas! We were actually just talking about adding skins like a 8-bit Mario world or a grayscale option.
@atchase1 Karl is a pretty locked-in name for the Bay Area, so I'd love to just see all of it in one app. Would suck to have multiple apps doing the same thing, just for different cities, on my phone. Do you plan to still use the same branding for other major cities as well?