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Thanks for the hunt @kwdinc and hello PH! I'm Ben, the founder of Kard. I started Kard after moving into my new apartment, and realizing that I had forgone hundreds of dollars of rewards linked to my credit cards simply because I didn't know they existed. I found that these discounts and offers were very difficult to monitor, even with only one credit card, and wanted to build something to fix that. Kard notifies you in real-time while shopping of all the available rewards linked to the cards you already own. Please take a look (it's free to sign-up) and let me know what you think, I'll be here all day to answer any questions you all might have. Thanks!
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@benmackinnon @kwdinc This is great! One piece of feedback: when a user clicks on the sign-up button at the bottom, it scrolls to the top of the page, where he or she has to click on a second sign-up button. I think you could reduce friction here by taking the user directly to the sign-up form.
@pburtchaell @kwdinc Good point Patrick, will make that change!
Hmm so every time I want to purchase something I need to go on here and search for it? I definitely struggle to keep track of what card is good for what categories but I'm not sure the extra step is worth it
@evankimbrell Did you try downloading our extension for Google Chrome? If you're using Chrome, our extension will actually notify every time there's an offer while you're shopping so you never have to think about these deals...we'll do all of that for you!
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@evankimbrell Also, we will help you with your category rewards programs (i.e. 2x travel, 3x dining, etc.) but our main focus is on card-linked offers and shopping portals that are associated with your cards. These are at particular merchants, versus categories, and can earn you an average of 7-8% on your money which can be over $1,000 a year in extra rewards!
I know some people who will be annoyingly OBSESSED with this. Nice work, team @getkard @kwdinc
@elizabethhunker @getkard @kwdinc Awesome, we're obsessed so we know the feeling! Let us know what you think
This is a good idea. One thing I find hard is not just knowing which card to use to get the most points, but then USING the points-- espec with travel miles. why do they make it so hard, and do you guys help with that or have any suggestion of what does help with that?
@readdanwrite Thanks Dan, and great question! We're focused on the earn side now, making sure you're earning the most points. Credit card companies want you to use your points, they just have very antiquated systems. We'll be working with them over the coming year to make it easier for you! For now, try out something like Award Wallet.
Also, @BenMackinnon: what do you think is the best credit card out there for rewards? I got Chase Sapphire at the recommendation of many friends, and have loved it, but now I'm hearing the new Chase Sapphire Reserve is even better, more points.
@readdanwrite Very difficult question to answer without knowing what you like to use your points for, but I have to agree the new Sapphire Reserve card. It has a steep annual fee, but if you like to travel the 3x on travel and dining is awesome, along with a ton of other ancillary benefits. If you're more of a cashback person, it's hard to argue with the Citi Double Cash card as well.