Awesome, powerful keyboard remapper for OSX.

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Olga Slipchenko
  • Olga Slipchenko
    Olga SlipchenkoPlexico Technologies

    Takes away the pain of language switching in OSX


    A less tricky configuration would be better

    I have mapped the right option button on switching between English, Russian, Ukrainian and French languages and finally I can type effortlessly in all languages.

    Olga Slipchenko has used this product for one year.
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Juil Yoon
Juil Yoon@juil_yoon · Photographer. Programmer for fun.
Karabiner is the most straight-forward way to change the function of different keys on your keyboard. I personally don't use `Caps Lock` very much and wanted to change it to be the `esc` key, which is possible using Karabiner, and saves my pinky from having to stretch to the corner every time.