A wearable that records the audio around you, 24/7

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I was one of the first Kickstarter backers for Kapture. I'm intrigued by the product — and I'm curious as to which of my family members will get the most utility out of it — something tells me my 12-yo daughter will abuse this if she got her hands on it :) Professionally, we'll need to figure out a new protocol — "do you mind if I Kapture what you just said?" before pressing the button.
I backed Kapture on Kickstarter and have been eagerly awaiting it since. They've been great about keeping backers up to date about the process of moving from an idea to actually getting the product out to the public, especially when compared to other devices I've backed. I have tried using apps like Heard and OverHeard to serve essentially the same purpose, but I am excited to be able to capture those moments with just a touch of the wrist. I am an educator and plan to share those awesome moments in class where students say something brilliant/inspiring/hilarious. I may have to create a site or Tumblog just for these audio snippets. I'm hoping that the app will be social as well rather than just allowing editing. I particularly love the focus on awareness/mindfulness that the founders have shown from the outset.
@jkdncn I was also surprised to see how many similar features (even video) the Alibi app (http://www.producthunt.com/l/65b...) for Android had available when it was posted recently. Still, I believe I will really enjoy the ease of a wearable. I may be wearing too many when Myo, Nymi, etc. ship in addition to watch and Up/FitBit/Misfit. Will there be a wearable to combine wearables Project Ara style in the future?
@jkdncn thanks a lot for weighing in, Jake. I'm glad to hear you've picked up on the vision of our product. After all, if you wear Kapture and aren't paying attention, it won't be useful for you. Can't wait to get it out to you!
I think the product concept is extremely interesting. The product design is extremely simple and non-obtrusive unlike many other wearables. The potential applications of technologies like this in law enforcement could be profound.
I wonder if the makers of this have seen Black Mirror? Only half joking, haha ;)
@nbashaw haha, haven't seen it. But someone commented on one of our Facebook ads with the same thing. Let's just hope the benefits outweigh any paranoia!
This is kinda creepy & interesting at once. What kinds of professions could benefit from a tool like this? Reporters are the first thing that came to my mind.. but I guess you'd have to tap it every minute, and it's only in 1 min bites.. I'm guessing that can be adjusted or will be in the future, for that use case.
@acoyfellow I don't think it's as creepy as the random guy next to you sending a snapchat to all his friends. I can see this being used in meetings, presentations, and interviews.
@acoyfellow while one minute seems too short I can think of some possibilities. * you are getting acclaimed by a friend/boss or announced. * you are getting into a disagreement with another * your kid is rambling something awesome worth remembering * your spouse/partner is calling you out for something clearly worth debating :)
@luizcent Fair enough. I don't mind snapchat guy, I can see what he's doing (holding up a phone at least). How do I know when kapture guy is recording our conversation?
@acoyfellow I feel like in our day and age we gave up privacy if we want to stay connected. I try not to say or do anything that I don't want recorded. I totally get where you are coming from and people should be common courtesy telling you that you are being recorded.
@acoyfellow Provide simultaneous translation?