Screen recording, now with plugins. Redesigned.

Kap is an open-source macOS screen recording app. Quickly capture and share high quality GIF, MP4, WebM and APNG files. Export to Giphy, imgur, S3 or copy directly to your clipboard and more using community created plugins.

  • Stefano Bourscheid
    Stefano BourscheidFull-stack dev @8fit

    Feature rich, fast, beatiful


    Quite heavy app size

    I've been using Kap as the absolute screen recorder for quite a good time now, and with this new feature of selecting the screen things got even better

    Stefano Bourscheid has used this product for one year.
  • Tierney Cyren
    Tierney CyrenDeveloper Advocate, NodeSource

    Easy GIF Capture, Highly Configurable


    Moderately large download

    Been using Kap since the initial release, and I'm super happy with 2.0. Cannot suggest Kap highly enough, especially if you need to capture GIFs frequently.

    Tierney Cyren has used this product for one year.
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Christopher Skillicorn
Christopher SkillicornMaker@skllcrn · Designer
Hunters and makers, it's good to be back! 😻 Today marks our biggest release yet, and it's packed with new features including plugins, trimming and Touch Bar support. We've been lucky to have such an incredible community of contributors, testers and supporters follow us through the design and development process. It's made Kap better for everyone, and we hope you enjoy it! Any and all questions and feedback are welcome, we'd also love to hear how we can make Kap even better for you.
Jonathan Simcoe
Jonathan Simcoe@jdsimcoe · Futurist, with reservations. //////\
The all new Kap is such a beautiful and powerful product. 👏
Sander Visser
Sander Visser@fishsander · Building CheckoutPage.co
Been using Kap since the v1 launch here on PH ~1 year ago. Not many apps get to stay on my macbook that long 👏
Thomas Osmonson
Thomas OsmonsonHiring@aulneau_ · An independent designer and developer.
I have been using the Kap beta for about 3-5 months now and absolutely love it. Super easy to use and it produces wonderful gifs. I love the trimming functionality -- I no longer have to worry about making the beginning and ends of my gifs make sense, I can just trim them away :) If you need to make gifs, this thing is great.
Patrick Loonstra
Patrick Loonstra@patrickloonstra · Designer at patrickloonstra.nl
I do not see a shortcut to start and stop recording, or am I missing something?