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#3 Product of the DayOctober 05, 2016

An open-source screen recorder built with web technology

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How it's better than just using Cmd+Shift+4 for picture or QuickTime for screen?
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@sielay I've used Quicktime for capturing my screen a lot. had no issue with it
@sielay @hadifarnoud @bentossell @thejeremycarson @ziyadalobaidi We went all in on shipping it as soon as we had the core functionality in place. We built it out in the open and really had no idea our tiny little side project would get this kind of attention(#1 at the time of writing)! To answer your question; right now the best thing about it is that it outputs uncompressed video at up to 30fps, you can predetermine an aspect ratio (which is great for capturing prototypes and so on), it’s open source and built using web technology. There’ll be an update later today adding more functionality, and we’re working on compression options and GIF export! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to leave your feedback!
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@dasilvacontin +1 on GIF export 👍
Lots of tools in this space, what makes this different?
@bentossell looks like it literally does what quicktime player does (with the addition of preset dimensions).
@bentossell For now we're just another screen recorder with better size options but what makes this different is the promise of more to come. The fact that we're aiming for this to be free and extend it with more and more features is going to be brilliant (in my opinion). Let alone if someone wants to see something in the product they can just submit a PR on github. I used quicktime recently after getting fed up with paying for services that do the same thing and it lacked what I needed such as locking to an aspect ratio, specifying a distinct size and converting to gif. That is our primary goal. Create a simple app that gives you total control over recording options whilst being open source and free. With the current trend and influx of those learning web tech for desktop with Electron etc. we thought it'd be great to have an app like this in that stream too. As I mentioned before, some of the features we'd like to add (since this is really an early version that we just wanted to get out there and get feedback on): - Ability to save to dropbox/google drive (other predefined cloud services) - Automatic conversion to .gif/.webm - Recording of internal/external audio with the screen recording - An open source server that a user/company could easily deploy and use to upload their Kaptures - Instant sharing via now.sh embedding the Kapture that you've saved to your defined cloud service (dropbox etc) To me, all of what I've said will make this stand out above the rest. Since I really wanted to create this because I needed something better. If you're interested in anything I've said, you can follow the development on GitHub or even submit a feature or request yourself. All for free. 😄
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@codetheory the gif export is definitely the sole differentiator. not very difficult for me to upload to my cloud services on desktop or to share it. i agree with another comment here. double down on differentiators that require other services to accomplish screen caps or to convert them, now that you have laid the foundation.
@thejeremycarson We're working on exporting to gif right now! This is why we wanted to launch at an early phase, this feedback is incredibly valuable. Thank you!
@codetheory This looks promising. I'd be great if this can also support AWS S3/Backblaze/Google Cloud apart from Dropbox/GDrive that's already mentioned with shortlink/custom domain support. It would be a killer app! I'll be following the development on Github, perhaps even send a PR if I can. Good luck!
I've been beta-testing this and I'm just really impressed with how far they've taken the capabilities of Electron (with clever native addons). Amazing!
What interests me is that it is built upon web technology and opensourced. Good job.