Instant access to over 10,000 unique Japanese text emoticons

Kaomoji.moe provides your Slack team instant access to over 10,000 fun and unique Japanese text emoticons (kaomoji)!

Using the "/kaomoji" command will attempt to match your search query to an appropriate kaomoji category and send a message containing a random one from that category on your behalf in the same channel it was executed in.

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I like it (*γ‚œγƒΌγ‚œ)γ‚žβŒ’β˜† Where can I view all the emojis? A searchable catalogue would be a good addition.
@alexanderisora Thanks! There currently isn't a way to view all emojis at once unfortunately, Kaomoji.moe is designed in a way that aims to make each request a fun surprise. Soon I will be implementing an HTTP API with a way to pull down entire categories of Kaomoji for your own apps, this should make searching a breeze πŸ™‚