Kanye Ipsum

Kanye West lorem ipsum text generator

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Makerpad.co
This was inevitable. When he says this much: I can't expect this too difficult to populate 😛
Jordan Finnigan
Jordan Finnigan@jadojodo · Developer @ Dealer Inspire
I'm disappointed this doesn't just print out "I'm a douche." over and over.
Thalida Noel
Thalida Noel@thalidanoel · Senior Software Engineer @Etsy
"I'm happy and free and proud and confident. I'm not crazy. I'm free There is so much positive energy right now … Let’s stay on this Ultra Light Beam…" Amazing. Hopefully Kanye gets added to http://meettheipsums.com/
Ryan McMillan
Ryan McMillan@rhmcmillan · Co-Founder, @YPNINT
This has made my morning
Saab@michaelcunner · Maker
My life is so complete right now