Kanvas Keyboard 2.0

A fully-featured keyboard for visual people

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What's up Product Hunters! Super excited to be launching Kanvas Keyboard 2.0 today! We've completely redesigned the keyboard to allow for quicker access to each creative messaging modes (drawing, gifs, stickers, presets & text on photos) and synced it with our flagship application @kanvas so users who have both can make gifs and easily message them from their keyboard. As always, we would love to chat and hear feedback!
Hey Kanvas Kats...I actually tried your app a few days ago because I was intrigued by the extra features. However there are a few issues I ran into which made it not worth it for me to use. 1. As opposed to Riffsy and Popkey, you need to click twice in order to put a gif in a message, which I find to be a large stumbling block. I already have the message up of who I want to send it to, when do I need to tap messages and find that person again? 2. There are several dead ends in your app around the 'Draw on pictures' stuff where you can't really back out of what you have started. 3. The keyboard was noticeably slower than others. Otherwise its a cool product and a nice change to allow an all in one solution as having a few keyboards gets overwhelming fast.
@davepinke Hey Dave! Thanks a ton for taking the time to send your feedback. You should definitely give 2.0 a try as it was just released today. I'm genuinely interested in how you think it compares to the previous version of the app you tried. It still has the two step method to send messages as we made the decision to not assume that users are only sending messages through iMessage and we actually have a good % of users who use non copy and pasting destinations like Twitter and WhatsApp. And to be a little more transparent, we haven't fielded any complaints about the extra step (thankfully). But I completely understand your thought process as it was definitely something we debated internally. But again I'd be interested in hearing your feedback on 2.0 :)