Kanvas Creative SDK

Powerful mobile SDK with next generation creative tools

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Hey PH! Pumped to share with you that Kanvas' SDK is now public! Proud of the thousands of hours of engineering + our love, blood, sweat and tears that have been put into this creative suite. We are super excited about opening up our toolset to the community and working with some of you to co-enable aggressive 2017 plans! Happy to answer questions & to have some dialog.
Face tracking FTW! This is like the Aviary SDK of the future Look forward to trying some things out with it!
Can I use it on any platform or only on iOS and Android for now? Would be so awesome if I can use it on Tizen (c/c++) 😄 😄 😄
@viren_shakya hey viren - im sure you have cranked out some cool stuff but year right now we are only on ios/android.