Kanvas 4.0

A Creative Suite with 6 Editing Modes

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Hey PH! Super excited about the launch of our new product. The goal of 4.0 was to expose the full power of our app's composing capability. While the trend seems to be breaking out features into standalone apps we thought it would be interesting to surface 6 bite sized creative modes in one place. So whether you want to creatively share a thought, make a gif, flipbook, paint or animate you can do it all in one place. Would love to kickoff a convo with anyone interested and those who have seen the product grow.
@kwamesworld Hey Kwame. Just checked out your site. For me I'm a bit confused as to what Kanvas does, having not come into contact with it before. The keyboard seems pretty self explanatory, but Kanvas itself simply says 'express yourself' and then has what looks like a very similar app to Instagram on the right. But the tagline on here is 'a creative suite with 6 editing modes' so I was expecting an adobe CS alternative, not another Instagram. I'm sure your app does more than that, but for someone coming to it with no idea what it's about, there's nothing on the page that makes me want to click through to download on the app store.
@fredrivett Hey Fred! Thanks for the feedback and happy to help clarify our app a little more. We think networks like Instagram were great for unlocking our abilities to make good photos but we wanted to go beyond filtering & editing photos as we believe the next wave will be advancing creativity (painting, gif making, video editing, mixed media etc.) and our 6 modes are a reflection of that. In terms of the site, like you said our app does do a lot more and we are definitely in the process of updating it to make that more obvious. Again I appreciate you reaching out. Would love to hear what you think about the product if you had the chance to play with the app.
@kwamesworld Hey Kwame, just downloaded it, looks pretty cool. So am I right in thinking it's like Instagram with more features built in? Similar principle of profiles & following & liking etc. Two things to note, it would be nice to be able to pause videos on tapping on them. That doesn't seem to work for me. Also the filled in pink/red heart makes me think I've liked that post, when that's just the default. For me I'd look at making that hollow, so a transparent background with a pink/red outline, and then when I double tap on the image to like it then it then could do a subtle animation to change from hollow to filled in. Just my initial thoughts! :)
@fredrivett Instagram like in terms of a network yes. *thumbs up* on the feedback.
@kwamesworld Sweet. If you have any questions on the feedback feel free to reach out on twitter. Great job on the app though Kwame, feels really well done.