Make awesome music videos with gifs and photos

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Hey Product Hunters! Glad to join you all on the hunt! My name is Kwame. I run growth at Kanvas. Our company's north star is to unlock people's creative side. Using our multimedia composing tool you can transform a photo or gif into a kanvas by adding stickers, text, overlays, animations and drawing! If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at kwame (at) getkanvas (dot) com or @kwamesworld
Hey Kwame! I know @rrhoover will probably chime in with his well-known love of Mindie. Sounds like you also overlap with some of my favorite features of MessageMe. Could you summarize how you differentiate from these more simple video expression apps, and how you see the market segmenting? Do you see yourselves more as a social app or a messenger? Also: how long do your users spend customizing and what are the most popular features?
Hey Kwame also curious, I've been following you guys since you first launched the app before music and videos. Can you provide any insights into the little pivots you made to get to this point?
You know me well, @staringispolite. :) Thanks for jumping in, @KwamesWorld. I just gave the app a quick try. It reminds me of Yakit (cc @kylekesterson). There's a LOT you can do, which is great but it takes a ton of effort. That said, I imagine a younger demographic would be more willing and excited to invest this level of effort. Kwame - what are your thoughts on adding constraints (@andrewchen has a fantastic essay on this) to increase engagement and creation?
Just getting around to this gents. But thanks for your questions. @staringispolite Mindie is a cool app. I think from a utility aspect we differ from them quite some bit. In regards to the market, we are definitely a social app over messenger. Most apps with as much power as our composing features are purely utility and we saw some green field to bring a more social product to the market. Our biggest differentiator is actually in our pursuit to make kanvas users more creative and not simply offer them creative tools. Although we do pride ourselves on having some pretty awesome options for users that they won't find in other apps. There are wide range of things you can create using kanvas at many levels of difficulty so the composing times vary. I would say the biggest hits are kanvases that consist of gifs, overlays, music and text. @anderson760 glad to hear you have been tracking us for a while but i wouldn't venture that far off and call our additions pivots. i think the evolution of the product is exactly what we envisioned it to be. @rrhoover Definitely a lot a user can do. Effort depends on what they are looking to create & their level of commitment to quality. In regards to demographics, we aren't as skewed toward the teens as you may think (as that's what I assume you mean by younger). Andrew is the man. I read a lot of his stuff, smart dude. Constraints are definitely powerful levers for engagement & creation. We haven't done much around constraining users creation but I think we are working on some cool ways to usher users in their creative process by offering some focus through daily challenges.