The educational computer and coding kit for all ages

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Kano previously released as a computer for children to assemble and learn from -- but now Kano is releasing three new pieces of hardware: a camera kit, a speaker kit, and a pixel kit (which is a 128-point lightboard) as well as Kano Code, a coding platform for kids to learn to code, and Kano World, for those coders to interact and share what they've learned. I love where education is heading!
Looks AWESOME, 100% behind this initiative. @TeamKano @kikischirr @cape @alexnklein @yonatanrf
Kano is one of the best things I've seen to teach kids coding! Seen @yonatanrf speak at a TEDx about it as well, awesome sauce :) P.S: I have one myself :D
@ambonium .@yonatanrf's talk at TEDxBangalore 2015 was really amazing! :)
Great to see how @yonatanrf is taking Kano ahead! Great stuff, Kano Team! Cheers! :D
It's unreal. I bought one of the original computers for my nephew when he was 7 and he completely fell in love with technology. He's now programming. This is such a great company, and I really love the new products.
@paulbz Paul let me reflect that back – Dots is mega.