A computer and coding kit for all ages

#4 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2014
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Very pleased to see Kano on ProductHunt. Our goal was to create a computer kit for all, not just the 1% who get tech right away. We begin with plug and play hardware fun, and move into open-source making and playing on a beautiful Linux-based OS: kano.me/downloads Very keen on design and concept feedback from all you wise folks.
Hugely successful Kickstarter project (13,387 backers, $1.5M pledged) by @alexnklein and team apparently shipping next month but only realised now you can still pre-order through their site http://www.kano.me/. Kit is based on the Raspberry Pi.
Sweet! Kano had a very successful launch. Added @alexnklein as commenter :)
Very very cool!
Think the concept is nothing short of noble. Recommend watching @alexnklein’s TEDx talk on education, computers and backstory for Kano – http://tedxteen.com/talks/tedxte... In terms of design, looking forward to seeing the finished kit. Unfortunately won’t arrive in time for my son’s 3rd birthday next week but he’ll have to make do with a Kano certificate wrapped in an empty shoebox and a t-rex piñata! Few questions: 1. What plans do you have for the future of Kano (Extra Levels, Kano 2 w/ Raspberry Pi B+, Kano Robot Kit)? 2. How can people get involved (Kano in schools/clubs/etc, Contributing to Levels/OS/translations)? 3. Where did you get the monkey for the Monkey vs. Macbook video?