Collaborative TaskRabbit for parents

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Hi Erik, thanks for your interest! We're seeing good momentum esp. since the addition of our Android app and our new local groups feature (join your neighborhood or school group, or create your own). A Bay Area school just contacted us today saying they had been looking for a product like this! We have 'nodes' of activity in major cities but were surprised to also see KangaDo downloaded from Alaska to the Ozarks. Parents are a time-starved bunch so your product better be awesome and work well!
Curious what mom and dads think of this. CC'ing @KangaDoApp.
Hello, this is Sara, Co-founder and CEO of KangaDo. Delighted to be here among such cool products! Please feel free to ask questions about the app - even if you're not a parent :)
what has adoption been like?
@SaraSchaer this looks excellent!! Makes me wish my kids were little again!! But on that note too I"m thinking grandparents could get onto it if they have care duties too. Suddenly they have access to all the resources they need in an instant. Dare I ask anything about revenue plans? Why is it free? How are you hoping to survive? (as I am from the land of the kangaroo I shall give it a good plug down this way)