Turn your Evernote into Trello

Save time by getting a quick Kanban view of your notes

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Kanbanote gives you a Trello-like kanban view of your notes. Looks like a cool concept. I could see it being useful with some additional functionality and polish.
Love this idea! Could not figure out how to get columns made.
@surfy Looks like you just create multiple "lists" this creates your columns for the board. At first I thought a list was a board, but after you create one -- then just click the + at the top right to create another "list" which is your next column. Be careful though, if you drag and drop a note from one list to another it applies the same notebook and tags you used for the other list to this note -- so if your lists are created with different notebooks it will move the note to that notebook and add the new tag. I don't think it removes other tags that aren't part of the list variables. It looks like it could be pretty interesting for some uses, and like Robleh said there may be a bit more functionality and some polish needed if you were going to use this regularly. I'd probably also want the ability to create multiple boards, if I found it very useful.
ahhhh. okay. got it. The key would be to have an idea of some sort of flow of tags or notebooks. And then, yes, multiple boards.
Super usefull!!! Thankkks a lot!!! Will help me a lot to organize my tasks!!!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ€—
It's a cool idea, but I got an ad literally on my board & there's no app, which is always great to have