Kanban Software for Lean Management

Kanbanize was born out of necessity for higher productivity and efficiency.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Looks like something you could progress to from Trello very easily as your team & needs grow.
Kanbanize is a SaaSy new Software as a Service that you sign up for and begin using right away, free of charge. You may be unfamiliar Kanbanize with the term kanban, but even if you know nothing about Agile project management you’re about to find out how kanbanizing your projects can bring you to greater levels of productivity. The loop that it creates in the project cycle enhances communication and collaboration. Kanbanize.com brings that ease to you, automated, in spades. A basic kanban, for those not into Agile, is a visual project board divided into three sections—generally listing requested or anticipated work, work in progress, and work completed. Notes on the board identifying specific tasks are moved from section to section to indicate the status of the workflow. Typically, a limit is set for each section so that only so many items can be shown at a time. If you allow six items in each section, for example, and you have six of your tasks in progress, you cannot put another task into play until one of the tasks in progress is actually completed. In this way you can identify productivity issues and find more cost-effective methods for moving your project along.
Is there a demo account we can try? Maybe you could open up your own boards?
@marckohlbrugge I think you can get a free account by visiting their page and to play with it
@bogomep I was hoping to see something "in action" like Trello has.
@marckohlbrugge Hey Marc. As @bogomep said you can open your own free account at https://kanbanize.com/. If you want to play around with the premium functionality make sure to ping me.