Clean iOS and Mac kanban/trello with flexible views

Kanbanier is a clean, flexible iOS + macOS kanban/trello system. Create hierarchies, show columns of cards within workflow columns.

You own your data, Kanbanier runs only on your devices and those you share with.

Free to use - powerful export and view customizations with purchase.

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Nice tool. But what is the value add that makes us move out of trello and switch here?
@jitesh_dugar a native solution for Apple users. Some of it is user preference, for instance I am someone that greatly prefers a fully native Mac app vs. online only. (Things, News Explorer, tweetbot, iawriter, Ulysses...)
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@chourobin Trello has a fantastic native desktop app for Mac. I must admit, I clicked because I am intrigued at the idea, but as @jitesh_dugar asked, what does it offer over Trello? https://trello.com/platforms
@simgooder for sure, and it might be good enough but in truth it’s an electron wrapper around its web app. As you can judge by reviews, it doesn’t feel any better than using the web app. Also not sure if it supports offline editing. Anyways this is part of an ongoing debate right now between native vs electron/web etc.
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@chourobin @simgooder This was one very useful tool that I really loved as an alternative to Jira/Trello - https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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@jitesh_dugar A few advantages: - you can have hierarchies of columns/headers - you can also have row headers/groupings - you can have more than 1 card shown horizontally in a column (columns can be 2,3,4+ cards wide, rather than just 1 card per column row in trello and most kanban boards) - dark mode (I'll add screenshots on those)
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !!