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Looks great ! But without THC, I can't see the utility... Does it have any effect at all ?
@elieslama Thanks for your question! THC is the most famous cannabinoid because it gets you high :D But scientists have discovered so far more than 80 active cannabinoids in the big Cannabis Sativa Family (marijuana, hemp, etc…). We use only organic hemp containing naturally 5% CBD and no THC, so it makes KanaVape legal in most of the world. At KanaVape, we believe CBD from hemp is better than nicotine from tobacco, so we’ve spent the past few years in R&D to develop organic hemp fields, extraction process, and quality standards. We are proud to launch this product, hemp has been grown for thousands of years and we think it’s important to make more researches to unleash the great potentiel of this plant. And this is our first step! KanaVape won’t make you high but with 2 different 100% natural aromas “Hemp” or “Mint” and CBD from hemp, it is satisfying for some smokers, and a lot of ecigarette users. If you’re thinking to get into electronic cigarette, it might be a better choice than e-liquid with nicotine!
@antonincohen I didn't see a price on your site. How much is it? How much are refills?
@chrismessina just enter your e-mail and you can get the info you need.
Looks like an exact copy of Medipen. But without the CBD benefit. So you're really just tasting hemp.
@jonnotie I've used both products and really wasn't a fan of the KanaVape. Didn't notice any effects and it tasted awful (haven't tried the mint flavour).
@antonincohen are you licensing the pen technology from O.penVAPE? It's an exact match from what I can see.
KanaVape is the first hemp electronic cigarette. True to the original flavour while avoiding the combustion and smell, KanaVape brings you a premium CBD e-liquid without the psychoactive effect of THC. Stay relaxed, keep a clear mind and an active lifestyle with KanaVape – anytime, anywhere!
Isn't cannabis without THC like wine/beer/vodka/etc. without alcohol?