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#1 Product of the DayNovember 24, 2019
Kampsite was made with the aim of helping companies engage with their users to build the features and products that their customers actually want.
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Hi πŸ‘‹ My names Harry and I'm the creator of Kampsite! I've worked in many companies in the past where crucial product decisions were made by 'consulting the oracle' (aka sticking your finger in the air and having a wild guess). Kampsite aims to solve this problem for early-stage companies by getting your users engaged in the decisions that shape your product. Giving users a platform where they can voice these suggestions gives companies insights they can use to guide their product roadmap. Other users can come along and vote on these suggestions to help you prioritize features that will actually help your company grow and make your users happy. There are definitely some competitors in this space doing some awesome things(shoutout to Canny!), but I hope Kampsite can do things a little differently and help customers make their products as good as they can be. This is definitely not even close to what I want the final version of Kampsite to have feature wise - but without getting feedback myself, I can't be sure I'm heading in the right direction - hence todays launch πŸŽ‰. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have! FYI - anyone who signs up today will get an unlimited number of features starter account (i.e. no 100 limit).
@harryblucas Congrats on the launch Harry. Looks pretty good with nice useful feature set. Are you planning to expand the authentication from Google to local ? Also the roadmap feature looks pretty interesting. You can think about giving a scaled down version of that in the free plan for all to use and understand, thereby your conversion could increase even more. The traction is pretty good for sure. :)
I love the simplicity and design of this. Also really looking forward to that roadmap feature 🀩! I created a Kampsite for share.link πŸ‘‰ https://sharelink.kampsite.co/ πŸ”₯
@yapartase Thanks for the feedback Dario πŸ™I appreciate it - hopefully it helps in building Sharelink v2 😍
@harryblucas it definitely will!
Added 1 more suggestion - This can be a quick win , if you like it. https://feedback.kampsite.co/sug...
@pratik_shetty Definitely a quick win - going to try and get this one out shortly. Thanks Pratik πŸ”₯
Nice design and simple looking tool. I like it.
@paul_metcalfe Thanks paul πŸ™
Looks great! We should use this