A robot that teaches your kids to code

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Found this amazing looking Robot-Transformer that kids can learn to code with. It looks so cool that I wish I was a kid again (who am I kidding, I'm totally getting this for the office over here at Shakr). @asaph_kim this looks great, maybe you could elaborate a bit about the vision behind Kamibot? Why should coding education involve a robot like Kamibot? What are the advantages over a more traditional approach?
Wow. It's great to be featured here on PH. Thanks for posting us, @antoneliasson. In our own words, Kamibot makes programming education fun for kids, so they stick with it. We feel that coding education should involve something engaging for kids. And what is more engaging than a robot dressed with paper characters they watch on their screens? I mean yeah, you could learn to program on some compiler, but its definitely not as gratifying as seeing your paper character move as a result of your programming.
@asaph_kim cool, your kickstarter mentions that you've tested this in schools in Korea, mind elaborating about that? What kind of skills will a kid get from using Kamibot? Oh and can adults learn from using it as well? Asking for a friend... πŸ‘€
@antoneliasson Right! Aside from gaining awesome origami skills, would first learn the logic of programming. We want them to have a strong foundation in coding, so we start with a drag and drop block based programming language. So if your kid is learning Scratch in school, she/he can get right into coding Kamibot. Even if you don't know how to code, we are building our curriculum to make sure your not left out. But we don't want to leave you just with awesome Scratch programming skills, and that's why we integrated Arduino into our interface so that kids can actually see what the block code translates to in actual C++. This is all in realtime. We want them to get comfortable with seeing the code and transition them into full fledged codemonkeys! And we intend to put up the curriculum on our webpage for free once it's finished. And YES adults can learn from using it as well, in fact I'm learning a bit myself. edit: added " And we intend to put up the curriculum on our webpage for free once it's finished."
@asaph_kim @antoneliasson Thats really cool. I learned to code using logo, and it was simply a turtle on the screen. But this.. Wow!
@tribaling With Kamibot you get to physically see what you are programming your simple turtle to do (or any character for that matter) .
Incredible! I have two kids and I would love to give to them.
@gabrielreynard You can find us on Kickstarter right now. Your kids will love them.
I've seen your pitch @asaph_kim at 4yfn in Barcelona, that's a really cool idea!
@igecky I'm glad that you appreciate our idea. Share us with all your friends.
This looks awesome. I have a daughter whose learning how to code so I will definitely be buying one of these!
@cmwilson15 Best part is, you will be supporting fun and engaging coding education for kids