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Hi fellow hunters, My name is Sjoerd Janssen and as a developer I often work very close with designers. I was looking for an easy way to create and share color palettes on my iPhone in a collaborative way and after searching for a while I basically hit a wall. So I asked myself “how hard can it be to make this?”. I created Kameleon to let users create color palettes on the fly on their iOS device. This way, designers can pick exactly the right colors and share them with developers or any other team member, even when they’re nowhere near a computer. As an added bonus I added some standard palettes as a way to quickly grab some colors. I also added a preview feature that lets you preview the colors you just picked in a standard messaging app. In any case, Kameleon made my life as a programmer a lot easier, but Kameleon is not yet perfect. I’m looking for a ton of feedback from designers to make sure that it provides the most value for them. Kameleon should serve you as a designer, not make your life harder. So any feedback is greatly appreciated! I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Kameleon.
I think your product description could do with a little work. At the moment 'The best color tool' doesn't really tell me much, and doesn't make me want to engage. Perhaps including something about storing and creating colour pallettes? Maybe include a bit more of the benefits and screenshots to your webpage too
@damianrees I think you're right Damian. Product descriptions are hard to get right though, but I'm going to work on it. Thanks for the feedback :)
@sjoerdjanssenen Hi! Any email address I could reach you at to discuss the app? I found a few bugs.
@grooveplex Hi Barend!, you can reach me at sjoerdjanssen@me.com! Thanks for the feedback :)