Avoid browser fingerprinting and use virtual profiles.

Kameleo creates a mask for your browser identity and allows you to set this configuration manually or use one of the virtual profiles from the library. As a result, you won't be tracked while you are surfing on the web.
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Who's the target audience? I wouldn't pay those prices but maybe it's not for me.
Solutions like this should be open source and free. But I understand the need to get money but with those prices? At least open source, because how do we know that they really "protect privacy" if we don't have access to the code for proper auditing?
Does it also partition off cookies between different profiles? Say I use one profile for only Facebook, and don't want them tracing me when I use other profiles.
@imogen_happy Yes it does isolate cookies for profiles. You can easily browse 2 facebook accounts at the same time with 2 different IPs
I think it's an interesting idea but the pricing seems more geared towards business and not individuals.
Working in content marketing I am required to have multiple profiles on social networks. When I switch between my accounts, it comes as a constatnt struggle to deal with verification notes and captchas. I use Kameleo to avoid these issues and make sure that my profiles won't be blocked.