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Kalusto is a sentiment analysis tool that makes predictions of financial markets. The idea is to use the abundant amount of information on the internet to make intelligent investing suggestions that lowers investors risk. Taking a sentiment analysis approach is one aspect Kalusto uses to put more money in investors pockets.

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AbadesiHunter@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
Hi @prestongilmore I thought the concept behind Kalusto was super interesting, could you please tell us more about your mission and what inspired this project? Thanks
Preston Gilmore
Preston GilmoreMaker@prestongilmore
@abadesi Thanks! The idea is to help people live a financially prosperous life by investing in the stock market. I want Kalusto to be the solution that people feel connected to because of its simplicity. It's a solution that provides investors with intelligent insights while leaving the complexity of technical analysis and hassle of stock research for the backend. The inspiration for this project came about when I missed the IPO for Snapchat. I use Robinhood for its commission-free trades but it doesn't do the best with keeping me informed and with strategically growing my portfolio. Thus, the idea of Kalusto emerged.