AI makes eating healthy into a game

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KaleKam actually uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize the food in pictures you submit. There's also no calorie counting required! It's all based on the pictures. It makes the whole "watch what you eat" into a game where you are held accountable by your friends. Pretty cool concept.
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@hnshah Thanks for hunting us and the encouraging words!! Had a blast with the discussion here, and getting feedback from some of the hundreds of hunters that checked out the app 🎉
Hey Product Hunt! Abhinav and I are really excited to share KaleKam with the Product Hunt community! We feel honored to be here, and hope you enjoy what we've made. 🎉💥 With KaleKam for iOS, we made eating healthy into a game. Invite friends to challenges, and earn points by taking food pictures. The better you eat, the more points you'll get from our image recognition AI. Our goal is to encourage friends to provide accountability and motivation for each other, in a fun and relaxed context. Diet and health are serious issues, but we decided to focus on the positive and build something fun. Naturally, we're all ears for feedback, ideas, and advice! Cheers, Sebastián León
@sebfeed Looks awesome! I'm curious about how you plan to monetize, and the decision to require a phone number for signup. Keep up the great work!
@imakestrides Thank you for the kind words 💥 We plan to monetize with a freemium model. For $7/mo, power users will get access to advanced features like deeper analysis about their diet, personalized feedback from a live nutritionist, and more 😁 That being said, we're heads down focused on providing the best possible free experience for everyone, and we'll think about monetizing later 😜 Phone numbers power our friend finding feature, so asking for this at signup makes it possible for us to suggest people to invite when you create a challenge.
@sebfeed Nice! That's a great way to go. It seems like your image recognition feature is the "aha!" moment, so maybe you could let people try it out before signing up, and ask for the phone number once they try to find friends? Just a thought. If the phone number is what signs them up and it's all tied to the backend, then never mind. 😉
@imakestrides definitely, that's a change that's pretty high up on the to do list! 🔥
@sebfeed if somehow it's connect with user's snapchat or Instagram then fun would be double. :)
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@nivo0o0 very cool, thanks!!
@nivo0o0 Wow! Love it!
This is awesome! Just in time for my New Year's resolution of eating cleaner. I'm also curious as to how the AI works; I'd love to hear a bit about that from the founders.
@tao_tristan Thanks for the support, much appreciated! Ha, our A.I. is constantly changing, and this answer will likely be outdated soon. But at a high level, we're using an ensemble of machine learning models, ranging from deep convolutional neural nets, to classic models like SVMs. We do a first pass of identifying likely foods you might be eating by analyzing raw data (e.g. the picture you just took, your dietary history, or the time of day), and then use a different set of algorithms to aggregate those results into a final list of likely foods on your plate.
Hehe. I can't wait to talk to my parents tonight. This is a perfect way for us to talk about making better nutrition choices. GAME ON.
@kkdub Awesome, let us know if you have any requests for custom challenges you'd like 😜