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Find locals based on your interests & explore city together

Visiting a new city? Find a local who matches your personality and let him/her show you around. No more boring tours with universal guides. Explore only what you're interested in. Both paid & free.
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We want to offer tourists an affordable opportunity to find someone who knows his/her city well and has the same interests. There are so many interesting people to meet, but it's difficult to get to them unless you're both part of the same community or have a common friend. With Kaktus it's easy. We're based on sharing economy - everyone can join. Our goal is to create a diverse group of Kaktus Gurus (that's how we call the locals) in every city. We want to encourage people to get to know other cultures and ways of life - it's not only about the city tours. Kaktus has launched 3 weeks ago in 44 cities in 30 countries. We'd be grateful for any feedback, question, install, share or any other engagement :)
Really interesting concept, but not supporting the iPhone SE because of the screen size is unacceptable.
@zaki_wasik Hi Zaki, thanks a lot! Yeah - I'm really sorry about that, it's something we've thought about a lot - we may add SE (and 5S) interface in the future but currently we have other priorities