Manage your whole company workflows from one screen

#4 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2018

Kaiten is the visual tool, which helps you to see all you work processes on one space, identify bottlenecks, problems, relationships and find ways to optimize your work processes, improve collaboration and whole company effectiveness.

Kaiten is based on Kanban method, but support any agile or non-agile workflow.

Powerful charts are included!

  • Slava Tsyrulnik
    Slava TsyrulnikCEO Kaiten.io. IT guy, Kanban evangelist

    - Allows you to place several boards (team) in 1 workspace

    - First to fully support Kanban-method and Scrum without limits


    - Does not have on-premises installation (yet)

    If you really want to visualise work process of your team without making 1000 clicks like in Jira, TFS, etc, Kaiten - is for you. Fluent interface for creating boards on the fly help truly agile teams to visualize their work processes, run scrum, gather Kanban analytics (Control Chart, Spectral Chart, Throughput, Lead time, etc...) and collaborate more effectively.

    We are first who introduced unlimited hierarchy of kanban-boards, that allows to visualize all your company workload from strategy down to employer.

    Slava Tsyrulnik has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    The best of trello and jira in one place


    Search for cards could be better

    We've tried Jira, trello and others. Kaiten brings the best of Jira and the ease of use from Trello, everything is just "cards", and you can organize it how it fits. It's easy to change the workflow and be agile with Kaiten.

    Albin Ekblom has used this product for one year.
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Slava Tsyrulnik
Slava TsyrulnikMaker@neemah · CEO Kaiten.io. IT guy, Kanban evangelist
Thanks for hunting us, @richp_ Thousand of tools around that allow you to track progress of tasks but most of them was founded 10 or even 20 years ago. Things changed drastically since then. People do not like complexity nowadays, that's why, for example, Trello became so popular. But there is always balance between complexity and features that allows modern teams to maintain their work process. So we focused on those teams, who do not fit in instruments like Trello anymore, but they don't want to lose easy-to-use functions like creating process steps (lists) on the fly and rapidly apply changes to process when needed. Connected tickets, several boards on same workspace, heirarchy of boards, blockers and full support for modern agile frameworks (Scrum) and approaches (like Kanban-method) are those features that allows distributed / several teams to effectively collaborate without wasting time on configuration. No more "Jira for developers, Trello for product managers, Excel for HR", Kaiten gathers everyone and share same context, so people really know: - what are the first priory - why we do this - what's next most valuable step toward our goals Thanks!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Thanks for hunting, is this part of your workflow? How are you finding it? @richp_
Rich Peterson
Rich PetersonHunter@richp_ · Business Process Consultant 🚀
@abadesi not a part of my workflow but I found this while researching the top PM software to use. I found around 110 but have others that fit the workflows of most my clients. I’ll try anything 😉🖥📲
We are using Kaiten more than 6 month. Great very convenient tool.
Dmitry Abramov
Dmitry AbramovMaker@dmitry_abramov · Chief Product Officer, Kaiten
Thanks for hunting us, @richp_! Please add me and https://www.producthunt.com/@neemah as Makers , please
Rich Peterson
Rich PetersonHunter@richp_ · Business Process Consultant 🚀
Dmitry Abramov
Dmitry AbramovMaker@dmitry_abramov · Chief Product Officer, Kaiten
Hey, Folks! Proud to be here today! I've used tons of PM tools before Kaiten (and became the CPO only after two years of being the client). Kaiten is the real Agile tool, you can visualize your Kanban, Scrum, LeSS, Nexus, XP or even Waterfall process in it. No any "configuration" part. Just start. Why it's important? Because seeing means understanding. When you see your real work – you can manage it, you can find bottlenecks, you can see what's wrong with it. And, of course, our powerful analytical engine is there to help you. With Kaiten you can make a high precision forecast like "When I'll finish this task" and "When we'll finish all tasks for this project", etc. It works much more effective than "experts estimates". Feel free to try, comment, ask any questions! Thank you!