The feature phone reinvented

KaiOS brings smartphone-like functionalities to affordable phones: The KaiStore for apps. Video calls over 4G. Mobile payments through NFC. Even dual-SIM support.

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It would be nice to use WhatsApp and Viber, instead of having to rely on SMS that is not very private, whenever you don't want to use a smart phone.
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@fredrikaurdal Good point - have you tried this yet IRL?
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@abadesi WhatsApp is not available for KaiOS yet, but soon it will be. I believe Messenger already works on the platform, but won't order one of the phones available before they have at least WhatsApp support.
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Good idea during the times where smart phones are becoming extremely overpriced.
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This is very exciting for someone who would love nothing more than to ditch Android and iOS. Productivity to the max!
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Where can I buy?
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@fradser You can buy a Jio phone with KaiOS on ebay, about $30 or so for a new one
@fredrikaurdal In which Ebay store did you see it? I presume it's not the US store? I looked and didn't find it.
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@thefutureme Try the Indian Ebay store
Great product! I'm curious, who is the target audience of this product?
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@hasan_liou It's mostly for low income people in places like India, but I guess there are some people in the affluent world who will buy it to avoid all the over-communication noise