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Thanks for the post Louis. We're super excited to share Kado with the Product Hunt community and would love to get your feedback!
@_aj Looking forward to trying it out this evening
This is the best DJ/music discovery app I have used in a long time. Congrats to the team for launching this and excited to see the evolution of the product.
Thanks Louis! The product was built from our frustrations from finding new music for our DJ sets. We're happy with the result, and we hope you like it too!
@systemizer Noticed you can do playback directly within the application. Any plans on changing playback speeds based on BPM? For example you're listening to a track that's at 122 bpm though you're curious what it will sound like at 100 bpm.
"Since the move to digital stores, the process of finding new tracks for DJ sets has remained relatively stagnant. A new app, Kado, intelligently cross-references hundreds of thousands of DJ sets to find high-quality related tracks that will mix well together. Keep reading to learn more about this new crate digging tool that's powered by real music curators, not metadata-only algorithms." - excerpt from review (djtechtools.com) written by @djspacecamp
I've been a beta tester and this is going to change the game for DJs in a big way. A DJ's job is not only the play the music, but to find it. Kado makes it easier to find tracks that belong in your set, the outcome is quite rewarding.