Kaboom by Hotspot Shield

Share messages & photos that disappear on any social network

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@Anchorfreedavid is pretty vocal about privacy (Founder of AnchorFree, maker of Hotspot Shield) and just released a slick app to let you share content via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp that disappears when you want it to. David, do you think this will replace how people share on social media and messaging apps? Or allow people to share even more b/c now they know it won't live forever?
It's interesting - was more inclined to try this product just given the companies commitment to privacy and security and their stage / reach. With others it's hard to imagine that your photos are actually transient (that frothy valuation and filthy lucre won't last forever and then guess who the product is...)
I think Kaboom can be transformational for how users use social media...adding privacy controls to existing social networks that users already use is the future. Kaboom is fun and simple to use.
We are actively hiring super star product managers and engineers. If interested in Kaboom, Hotspot Shield or privacy overall please ping us.