KabaQ is an app that enables consumers to see realistic virtual 3D food on their table in restaurants or ordering online.

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Former Marketing Director (now consultant for) more than a dozen different restaurants from quick service to casual to fine dining... while these seems cool from a customer standpoint, I want to lay out a few concerns that I see and why I would probably never pursue this for use by our dine-in customers: (1) The cost for food photography. If provided for free -- as some companies do -- then I'm OK with that; it's a tough sell for me to spend thousands on food styling to get proper photos for this specific use when I can just parade a server around the floor with a popular dish or dessert that everyone can see and smell. A secondary problem with this: menu items and recipes change. Maybe food costs change, or we bring in a new chef, or the presentation changes, etc. I've spent thousands on food photography before only to have to relegate more than half of it to my archive folder because a new chef tweaked the menu four months later. (2) Am I to provide my own tablets? If so, hard pass. But tablets *are* provided, then I need insurance on them and extras in the event that they break or people walk off with them. [I have tested using tablets before..this happens. Frequently.] A secondary problem with tablets: they are heavy and can be difficult for hosts or servers to lug around. ========== The above issues aren't huge, but are concerns. However, this is what would lead me to pass on this as an option for our diners, to be honest: What I, and other restaurateurs, have found after testing these types of "wow" factor, customer service tech products: they slow down table service as people love to play with them...a slower table turnover equals fewer covers, which equals less revenue. Don't get me wrong, I want check averages to go up and this would do it, but it comes at expense of fewer people served, which isn't something I'm interested in. ========== The BEST use of this from a restaurant's standpoint (OK, well, *my* restaurants' standpoint)? In addition to carry out menus (take all the time you want at home or in your office to play with this), I'd look at implementing it in catering, banquets, room service and group sales menus. That's far, far more interesting to me.
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All that's missing is... Smellovision™!
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Just saw this on Twitter. Looks amazing. Wonder if they'll ever add animations of food pieces assembling and disassembling.
Now this is promising! Solving a real world problem.
@iamsuyashdixit "real world problem" 😂😂😂
Is this "food for eyes (thought)" for poor people? :-)